Tuesday, May 21, 2013


By Michael Rocha: Premier League Lounge  5/21/13

The Arsenal Season

    As the curtain closes on yet another Premier League season, some football experts might wonder, just how do Arsenal fans feel right about now. The Gunners finished fourth this season on the final day of the season. As Arsenal fans celebrated their success knowing that they’ll once again see Champions League football, one might think, has our expectations fallen?
    Arsenal sold their top scorer Van Persie to Manchester United just before the season started. Arsenal fans seemed to have thrown the towel then. A constant cycle that happens every year, as Arsenal would sell their top players such as Fabregas, Nasri, Henry, and now RVP.
    Arsenal needed to spend surely, and they did. They brought in Santi Cazorla, Olivier Giroud, and Lukas Podolski. Some weren’t convinced however, placing the goal scoring reliability on Giroud, pressure on. Podolski was one of those players who could player as a striker, and a winger, smart purchase Wenger. Then there’s Santi Cazorla, a midfield piece that’s been missing ever since Fabregas left the club. All Arsenal fans could’ve said were…”Lets see what happens I guess.
    Arsenal started off their Premier League campaign at home against Sunderland, the team impressed, Cazorla was just everywhere and quickly became loved by the fans. Arsenal looked good, defense was solid, Gervinho was back to his Lille days, and Arsenal was just the same Arsenal team controlling the game. But there was that one problem, Arsenal couldn’t score. Something Arsenal fans were afraid of.
    Up and down results, Giroud was scoring, but he wasn’t scoring on a consistent basis. The Arsenal faithful knew they couldn’t charge for the title unless they had a consistent scoring striker. Well there was good news, Arsenal had multiple sources now. Theo Walcott had finally awakened his inner beast, and Santi Cazorla was just a nuisance to the opposition. To top it all off…Jack was back, surely fans can smile once again
    Mid-season, injuries to Keiron Gibbs, Lukas Podolski, Mikel Arteta, and Tomas Rosicky. Arsenal were already fighting for a top-four spot, knowing the Premier League was out of sight. Eliminated from the Capital One Cup and FA Cup, all the Gunners had left fighting was their fourth place trophy and the Champions League. But then they’d get eliminated in that also, a tough fight against the now finalists Bayern Munich.
    Struggling, hoping, praying, Tottenham more likely to beat them to that final Champions League spot. However, some luck spurred, poor results by Chelsea and Tottenham resulted in Arsenal to get back into the race. Constant victories for the Gunners would bring them all the way to third place, the highest they’ve been all season.
    The final day, Arsenal were ahead of Tottenham by one point sitting in fourth place. Arsenal were visiting Newcastle, while Tottenham hosted Sunderland, both teams sitting in the bottom places of the table. Both fans held their hearts until a Koscielny header put Arsenal on the board. Tottenham fans aware of the news stood frozen. Time passed on and a wonder goal from Gareth Bale gave Tottenham the lead, now all they could hope for was a favor from Newcastle. However it wasn’t to be, Arsenal were gifted Champions League football once again. Celebration around the ground for their accomplishment, however is it really something to celebrate? Yes we’re back in the Champions League, but the tension is slowly rising. Arsenal are in need of a trophy to settle the fans down and to show that Arsenal are the world class team most people expect them to be. In Arsene We Trust.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revival of the Black and Yellow

     By far in my opinion the most interesting league in perhaps the world nobody would have predicted Borussia Dortmund to run away with the title. From the start of the decade they became to known as Kings of Germany to almost being relegated in 2006 to this point right now. The only word that explains all this is “revival” So what’s the big deal? The big deal is they came back out of there cave and I’ve never seen quite a one sided title race since the youth days of a man named Jose Mourinho when he was in FC Porto. I began to think in like all recent seasons they would stay in first place until the winter break, come back and Bayern Munich will take over and be crowned champions for the whatever time as always which I would call “winter break syndrome”, but that wasn’t the case. Dortmund were almost guaranteed a perfect season but a mild poor run saw them slip points as almost they lost pocket change and didn’t even notice because the others looked as if being in 2nd place was a championship title also. However you’d notice that earlier in the season there was another team reaching for it also and well it’s probably a team you weren’t thinking of that’s right folks its FSV Mainz from being promoted the season before to title favorites but well you know just like Hoffenheim of two years ago and Hamburg of last season they to were effected by the “Winter Break Syndrome” which saw another old great team Bayer Leverkusen remember them? Glasgow Champions League Final 2002 yes those guys. I’m not one to look towards the future no, however the real question is are B.Dortmund the real deal? Wolfsburg became champions on 2009 then went back to that wee little team that everybody forgot, so will this all happen to Borussia? Well I hope not they deserved it and I hope they become that team they were earlier in the 21st century. But the usual outcome would be Bayern Munich spend a lot of money and get quality players and win the next three Bundesliga seasons which I will probably see….I can be wrong though in which I hope I am so let’s do it again Borussia prove me wrong you can do it!

Michael Rocha
BCC Communications Major