Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revival of the Black and Yellow

     By far in my opinion the most interesting league in perhaps the world nobody would have predicted Borussia Dortmund to run away with the title. From the start of the decade they became to known as Kings of Germany to almost being relegated in 2006 to this point right now. The only word that explains all this is “revival” So what’s the big deal? The big deal is they came back out of there cave and I’ve never seen quite a one sided title race since the youth days of a man named Jose Mourinho when he was in FC Porto. I began to think in like all recent seasons they would stay in first place until the winter break, come back and Bayern Munich will take over and be crowned champions for the whatever time as always which I would call “winter break syndrome”, but that wasn’t the case. Dortmund were almost guaranteed a perfect season but a mild poor run saw them slip points as almost they lost pocket change and didn’t even notice because the others looked as if being in 2nd place was a championship title also. However you’d notice that earlier in the season there was another team reaching for it also and well it’s probably a team you weren’t thinking of that’s right folks its FSV Mainz from being promoted the season before to title favorites but well you know just like Hoffenheim of two years ago and Hamburg of last season they to were effected by the “Winter Break Syndrome” which saw another old great team Bayer Leverkusen remember them? Glasgow Champions League Final 2002 yes those guys. I’m not one to look towards the future no, however the real question is are B.Dortmund the real deal? Wolfsburg became champions on 2009 then went back to that wee little team that everybody forgot, so will this all happen to Borussia? Well I hope not they deserved it and I hope they become that team they were earlier in the 21st century. But the usual outcome would be Bayern Munich spend a lot of money and get quality players and win the next three Bundesliga seasons which I will probably see….I can be wrong though in which I hope I am so let’s do it again Borussia prove me wrong you can do it!

Michael Rocha
BCC Communications Major